Laurens Cemetery Tour

4 thoughts on “Laurens Cemetery Tour”

  1. i remember the phenomena of the glowing tombstone back when I was in high school. It started attracting large crowds with cars filling up the A&P parking lot at the bottom of the hill. The was much speculation as to the cause, both practical and superstitious.

    1. I remember it too. We drove down from Greenville (my family are from Laurens originally). We stood in the Pete’s parking lot and just as everyone had told us, it glowed red in the shape of a cup and saucer. I remember when they turned all the lights out and it still glowed. We drove by there several more times when down visiting my grandparents. It was almost sad once they turned the tombstone and it stopped glowing. We loved a good mystery.

  2. Could the Copeland be related to the Clinton Copelands? They, along with Adairs and Baileys, are why my Mom refers to Clinton as the ABC town. Fronted by a Bailey Bank, there used to a Copeland Plaza on the way out of Clinton as you headed up to Laurens.

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