Laurens Cemetery Ramble

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  1. I visited “Little Earl’s” grave today-also saw the post on facebook and had never been in the Laurens Cemetery until today. I am a life long (40+ years) resident of Laurens County but have never taken the time to stop and wander through. Glad I did today.

  2. I remember well the glowing tombstone incident. I was 9 years old at the time and my dad and I went to see it. There were large crowds. Most of the discussion was that it had to be a reflection of some light. However I think the Pete’s #9 would be ruled out as their light was white and the tombstone glowed an orange-red. Most concluded it was from the red Esso sign at the service station at the bottom of the hill. As a 9 year old, I wasn’t convinced. The tombstone was later turned and it stopped “glowing”. My cousin Ben Moore says the grave belonged to a woman who’s last name was Morgan. “Mystery Of Rock Glowing At Night”. Whether that is true or just one of my cousin’s clever jokes, I’m not sure. Nevertheless there is a woman named Morgan who died at a relatively young age in the right spot: lower left side near the river.

  3. I am so loving your rambles and visits to Laurens! Thank you for these.

    I’ve been on my own quest for family history, and find myself many days down in Laurens poking through the countryside and graveyards. It may seem morbid to some, but to me, it’s history and has made my ancestors live again. I have family both living in Laurens now and resting at the Laurens City Cemetery, as well as Warrior Creek, Rabun Creek, and so many many more. Many of my ancestors came to the Laurens/Ninety-Six District in the mid to late 1700’s, so our roots run deep. While I don’t live there now, it certainly feels like coming home when I drive across that county line.

  4. Love your pictures and reading the disruptions. I saw that you said you were related to the Todd family. Just curious to know a little more. My 2nd Great-Grandparents were James Rogers Todd and Jane Law McClintock. They lived in Due West.

    1. I just checked my database, and neither of those names are in my list. I’m not sure we have family from the Todds in that area. That being said, I don’t have a complete list.

  5. Talented writing, and pictures. I just discovered my great grandmother Malinda Taylor, daughter of Hugh Taylor, was from the Laurens Township area, and that many Taylors are buried at Rocky Springs. I would love to find out more , and will certainly read the rest of your blogging.

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