Kingville, Kingsville

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  1. That’s really interesting. I didn’t know so much of lower Richland was sold to blacks back in the day. A black family at our church has lived in the Hopkins area for several generations (I believe). Maybe they are descended for people who got the land back then.

  2. That top picture, the shed, reminds me a lot of a peach shed that used to stand on SC 296 just west of Reidville. The shed was at a point, if I recall, where the road veered left, and made a great visual statement. In the time I recall, that entire area was thick with beautiful peach orchards. Oh how I miss those days! Spartanburg County had some remarkable orchards.

  3. A few years ago, I transcribed the 1903 diary of my great-grandfather. It’s his first year in Congress, the year of the huge flood of the Pacolet River, and other stuff. Currently, I’m adding hyperlinks, and I’m including this page of yours because he mentions Kingville a few times: he and friends went fishing somewhere between there and Gadsden.

    1. Robert, if you click on the photo you’ll see a caption that shows that it is from the Palmetto Leader newspaper, circa 1917.

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