Journey to Mount Zion – Part 1

3 thoughts on “Journey to Mount Zion – Part 1”

  1. Tom,
    Come back to Winnsboro as the light is beginning to dawn here. The Mt. Zion building is being repurposed for county offices and Dru Blair has started a 3-d mural on a wall next to the town clock. Slowly we are beginning to waken here. Still some sad sights (especially the Wolfe house across from the museum where Bernard Baruch spent childhood days here visiting his grandparents Saling and Isabelle Cohen Wolfe.

  2. Ridgeway school did not burn, but was torn down.
    Also note the “new” windows in Mt Zion School are not glass but plywood painted to look real. Tempory fix.
    I’m from Ridgeway and my father was the last principal at Ridgeway School. (Larry Thompson)
    Enjoyed your article.

    1. Thanks for making this correction which I noticed also. I wrote Tom about the upcoming plans for the school to be re-purposed as offices for the county government. The developer is a historical buildings expert and our elected officials and administrator are very on board about it!

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