In Search of Andersonville and a Retreat

3 thoughts on “In Search of Andersonville and a Retreat”

  1. I am most interested in anything around the Seneca, Tugaloo Rivers. I have written two books, the first Portman Shoals “The Forgotten Settlement and the second Campfire Tales By The Seneca River. There is a welath of history beneath the Waters on Lake Hartwell. That is my next venture and “The Secrets that lie beneath Lake Hartwell Waters” will be available mid 2015. Thanks for your efforts in enlightening in such a vivid. I would be very interested in in any pictures you might have about the area. Thanks Furman H. Beck

  2. That was very interesting! What made me look this up, I’ve always heard there’s houses, churches, & graveyards under lake Hartwell is that true?

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