Hymnal Blasphemy

10 thoughts on “Hymnal Blasphemy”

  1. TOTALLY agree with you Tom! What’s next – stained glass windows as fish tank bling-bling. Books like these are treasures.

  2. Last night at our church small group meeting an older woman told the story of learning an old hymn based on the story of Jesus cursing the fig tree. It was bizarrely hilarious. I wish I could remember the words. There was a line something like, “May we all not just become waving leaves.”

  3. I’m sorry but this is just hysterical. Then again, I draw in my Bible, if decorating a hymnal or Bible page and using it as art violates your conscience, don’t do it, but if it brings me closer to God, it is not your place to condemn. God will judge.

    1. I’m glad you find it hysterical, but your logic is flawed. You state, “If decorating a hymnal or Bible page and using it as art violates your conscience, don’t do it.” I put that in the same boat as, “If vandalism violates your conscience, don’t do it.” That means anyone who doesn’t feel so inclined can paint up the place with graffiti, and “God will judge.” And we will be the poorer until God gets around to it.

    2. I see both sides. While hymnals in good condition should remain so, I have found many that are falling apart at the seams, already missing pages, etc. These I have no problem putting to better use and creating something beautiful that someone will enjoy and display. At the same time, God cares how we treat and care for each other … not an old songbook.

  4. I have many old hymnals, very old, I do not wish to get in the hands of a “crafter”. I have a need to find a home for them since I’m cleaning out my storages spaces so my children won’t have to do it when I’m gone.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Carol – I can think of a couple of options. You might check to see if a local historical society or other organization might want them. If you live near a college with a music department they might be interested. I’m not sure I would suggest selling at a yard sale because at that point they could very well wind up in the hands of a crafter.

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