Houndbite – YouTube for Audio

5 thoughts on “Houndbite – YouTube for Audio”

  1. I think you’re right, audio just doesn’t have the appeal that video does, but, it was fun listening to the Hallelujah Chorale – still can’t believe we just started singing and got through it like that! Thanks for posting it.

  2. Vocalo.org is another really great site for this sort of thing. And they actually broadcast your stuff on the web.

  3. Flots – thanks for the link. Vocalo.org is intriguing, and I signed up for an account. I love the ability to record audio from a cell phone.

    The only problem is that it doesn’t seem to have any way to embed the audio clips into websites. Unless there is a way that I’ve just missed, this would be a deal-killer for me.

  4. The problem with Houndbite is it looks ugly.

    Here’s what I do to put sound on my sites: Upload it to (or find it on) YouTube, as video. (Any image will do.)

    Then change the embed html so the size is 0 x 0.

    Then set to autoplay. (Info on the net if you don’t know how).

    Presto. Sound, with no hosting registration required, and totally invisible.

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