Hidden Tunnels and Safety Coffins

6 thoughts on “Hidden Tunnels and Safety Coffins”

  1. That’s the church where I went for the reading session back in January.

    I wondered, regarding the tunnel question … the chapel didn’t have a basement? Or there wasn’t an older building on the site of the current sanctuary that might have yielded a basement and connection? Would have been fun to explore the church.

    1. Good points, Ken. I don’t know the original footprint of the first building, so the tunnel might have been there in Civil War times. I also didn’t ask about a basement for the chapel.

    1. We kept saying how we wished you were with us, Alan. I guess to truly have been a Ferris Bueler Day, at least one of us should have skipped school.

  2. Maybe you were at the wrong church. I Was babtised at ebenezer Jerusalem luthern chuch. Outside of savannah ga. Wheresherman actually made camp. – j.twiddy

  3. My grandparents used to live at 1731 Senate street. The house was built in the 1920’s but had access to an escape tunnel in the basement. The story was that after Sherman burned Columbia the people wanted tunnels for escape should it ever happen again.

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