Hidden Tunnels and Safety Coffins

5 thoughts on “Hidden Tunnels and Safety Coffins”

  1. That’s the church where I went for the reading session back in January.

    I wondered, regarding the tunnel question … the chapel didn’t have a basement? Or there wasn’t an older building on the site of the current sanctuary that might have yielded a basement and connection? Would have been fun to explore the church.

    1. Good points, Ken. I don’t know the original footprint of the first building, so the tunnel might have been there in Civil War times. I also didn’t ask about a basement for the chapel.

    1. We kept saying how we wished you were with us, Alan. I guess to truly have been a Ferris Bueler Day, at least one of us should have skipped school.

  2. Maybe you were at the wrong church. I Was babtised at ebenezer Jerusalem luthern chuch. Outside of savannah ga. Wheresherman actually made camp. – j.twiddy

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