Hidden Mill Cemeteries of Greenville

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  1. Just thought you would like to know that we have gained access to the cemetery. We have a Brandon Mill Memorial Garden Project. You can access it through Facebook

  2. American Spinning Cemetery, I wood like find the location of my Grandmother’s grave it is not marked, her name was Effie Ballew Poole, she was born 1888, died Nov. 11 1923, her mother, my great grandmother is there, her grave is marked, name, Harriett Jane Moon Ballew,
    Birth, 1856, USA, Death Dec. 18, 1919, and other Ballew graves that are marked beside Harriett’s grave, she maybe their too?

      1. Her grave is not marked, hope that that there maybe a map of the graves some were. (American Spinning Cemetery). I lived on the mill village most of early years, my dad her son never knew for sure were it is.
        Thanks for any help,
        Johnny Poole

    1. I would like to find my mom’s grave too, she passed away in 1945, its in American Spinning near poinsett hwy and 291 and stone .

  3. Thanks for all your work!
    We just visited Welcome Cemetery and someone from Welcome Baptist Church showed us around. We were looking for Mills Mill cemetery and think it is the fenced area behind Welcome. We found my husband’s great uncle in the area behind the fence in what we think was the Mills Mill cemetery. His three children who had died between 1900 and 1910 were buried on the Welcome Cemetery side of the fence! They were otherwise very close to his grave. Does anyone know when the fence was put up and how it was decided where it should go? Any ideas about how to get more information about Mills Mill cemetery? I’m assuming it was a textile mill cemetery for employees….?

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