Hidden Columbia

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  1. Another friend told me about the page. Some fascinating and well done work. Additionally, the reporter has an active presence on the Facebook page, dialogging with fans who post there. I wish that someone in the upstate media community could do something similar (maybe area wide and not just Greenville or Spartanburg). If it’s well done, I’d think it could attract sponsorship and thus longevity and time investment from the person creating the series.

    1. I agree. I think it would be great if someone in the Upstate area could do this, but I’m not sure what they would find. Greenville has a nasty habit of bulldozing all of the interesting historical places. They might have a little more luck in Spartanburg.

    1. Very cool! I remember seeing the Slobot website a long time ago, but had forgotten about it. Now I want to explore some of those places around Spartanburg.

  2. I’m surprised Slobot hasn’t gone to Cedar Spring or the adjacent school. That was my old stomping ground. Camp Croft was a pretty interesting area to grow up. Lots of ruins in the woods that we used as “forts.” A lot has disappeared gradually over the decades, but some is still there. The School for the Deaf and Blind has a beautiful main building circa 1850-something (I think) called Walker Hall. Just got renovated a few years ago.

  3. A friend just resently told me about this site and i jus love the history i have learned from it. To think that i am born and raised here in columbia and did not know any of this. It even answered the questions I had of the hospital of mental health and the lake murry. I think yall are doing a great job and hope to learn more about my home town. Keep up the great work and have a blessed day and night.

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