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  1. We are thrilled about our new local pub. I patronized the establishment for the first time tonight.,my husband has been there twice. Being in the restaurant business in the past myself, I observed the areas that could use improvement to make this pub very successful. First you need to have a bratwurst dog meal. Second I would consider offering a different wine other than Fontera, folks that are somewhat familiar w/ wines know that Fontera is a low end quality of wine. The type of clientele that patrons your establishment require a better selection of wine or an alternative other than your house. The unisex rest-room is a negative as well, women do not like to use the same rest-room as men, maybe a southern fetish, I don’t know. If I was the owner I would go around to customers and introduce myself and welcome and thank them individually for joining us. It is the personal, friendly touch that keeps them coming back. Also consistency. The Reuben sliders last week had corned beef and sauerkraut piled high, tonight there was hardly any corned beef or sauerkraut on the roll. I would love to see this pub take off, you have the clientele for it ,you just have to make it pop!!!! Good luck! Look forward to seeing you again. Awaiting the grand opening!!!!!

    Thank you

  2. T – Sounds like you’ve visited the place more than I have, but your recommendations sound reasonable. I’m hoping that they get all of this ironed out by their grand opening. I especially agree with the comments about Frontera wine and the unisex bathroom.

    You might also try posting this on Franz and Hans website, if they ever get one, or on Urbanspoon.com.

  3. If you think that this food ist good???
    Have you ever been to the Authentic German Restaurant
    in town called Schwaben House on Pelham !!!
    Thats were the real good food is.

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