Hallmark must be kidding

5 thoughts on “Hallmark must be kidding”

  1. Well just to let you know if you try to buy one of these snowmen on ebay you’ll now have to pay around $80.00… So do you really think its such a piece of junk for $22.95??

  2. The price someone is willing to pay for an item doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not it’s junk. It just determines how stupid the buyer is.

  3. Just to let you know my kids all all kids that come to my house LOVE this thing – I think it is the cutest thing and I look forward to pulling it out every Christmas Season!

  4. Dont you at least love the opportunity for educators to use this for a “media literacy” lesson? I too find it stupid and in poor taste. Poor dog. Wonder how many takes they did, and worse, how much they allowed the dog to eat. Where is PETA? Are they crying foul?

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