Fire Towers – Paris Mountain and Cleveland

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  1. Used to be a really cool firetower just out of Whitestone, SC. This is North of Croft State Park, where you turn right in Whitestone to go down to Lake Johnson. Tower was on the left about the time you entered park property. Used to be a chemical plant in Whitestone that had some cool looking shed style archetecture. And a few old community buildings. Whitestone Hwy runs from US 56 down to US 176 near Packolet. It MAY carry the number 295 now – an extension of Southport Rd? That road goes through a major industrial area in that part of the county. Some old WWI era installations out there.

  2. I may have to check that out. It doesn’t show up on any of my lists, and it’s not on the Pacolet USGS 7.5 Quad map. But then, again, neither was the Big Knob.

  3. I’ll ask dad about it. I see a tower down nearer the lake, but it looks like a radio tower. Tall red spire on it. I remembered there being one farther up toward the highway, but it may have been demolished. I’ll see what he recalls.

  4. Dad recalled the firetower down there, but thinks it was dismantled. The other tower I saw on Googleearth is Channel 49 (ETV for Spartanburg).

    Old Camp Croft, just up the road toward Spartanburg, has some interesting stuff. Old WWII industrial and other buildings, the old Spartanburg Little Theatre, St Luke Methodest (former base chapel, with beautiful trusses on inside), Cedar Spring School, and who knows what else. An old house just off the road down to Cedar Spring church dates back to the 1780s or so. My dad and us redid ceilings in that old house once, and saw where the squirrels had been living for a while. 🙂

  5. I enjoy touring the South Carolina upstate, western North Carolina, and eastern Georgia on my motorcycle, searching for interesting sights. I happened across Firetower Road near Cleveland, SC this morning, and took a look.

    It was so foggy, I could not see anything in the distance, but there were some wild roses blooming at the top. I went on to Jone gap State Park and elsewhere.

    You may anjoy reading my blog about my adventures — Bucky’s Ride — at the URI above.

  6. Taking a closer look at the Pacolet Quad map, the tower near Whitestone is indeed shown on the Pacolet Quad map…it’s marked as L.O.T. and the coordinates are approx. 34 53 19 / 081 49 14.

  7. My Dad grew up mostly in the house on Firetower Hill in Cleveland SC in the 1940s and 1950s. My Grandmother (Elizabeth Burgess) was the spotter who sat up in the tower mostly, and my Grandfather (Elisha Lee Burgess) worked for the forest service and he and my dad along with their neighbors would go out and fight fires in the Glassy Mountain/Slater/Cleveland/Table Rock area. I have photos of both the firetower and of my Grandfather in the tower. Email me if you would like to see them.

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