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  1. Fascinating stuff. Strange that this post would appear now. I have a Book on my iPad that I downloaded from the library of Congress talking book program. It is a history of Pentecostalism, and for some reason I started reading it this morning. I have never studied the movements at all, and was fascinated to see its roots in methodism. And I also was fascinated by the effort of the author to trace similar occurrences back through history to the second century or so.

    At one point, there was something called I think the fourth fold gospel. It was like four emphases. It was interesting to me to see what was chosen and what was not for emphasis. I suppose that is true in any church organization. I would have thought that discipleship would have been a major emphasis, given the Methodist focus on something very similar.

  2. Right near the Cattle Creek Campground, near Bowman SC, is an old cemetery with at least one grave dating to the Revolutionary War. The original marker is there and i believe someone made a new one with the inscription regarding the guy buried there. He was home on leave but was capture by the Tories and killed. Note: While there is a cemetery on the campground premises, that’s not the one. The really old one is in the woods, not far from the campground as i recall. I believe there are signs directing you to it.

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