Exploring the Old Santee Canal – Part Three, Moncks Corner to Santee

2 thoughts on “Exploring the Old Santee Canal – Part Three, Moncks Corner to Santee”

  1. Hi, Tom,
    Wish I could have met you when you were in Pineville; would have given you an ear-full of the history of Pineville (having lived here my 77 years, as my family/ancestry has been here on and around the Santee for over 300 years). There’s more history in the Pineville area than anywhere else in Berkeley County, as this was the largest settlement during the early eighteen hundreds. Really enjoying your photos / info. Keep it up. Keith Gourdin, Pineville, SC

    1. Keith, from my brief visit I’ve seen that there is much more to explore. I will return! I’ll try to let you know when I’m back down that way.

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