Exploring Jacks Township

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  1. Deborah,

    My mother was a Wier who’s family owned the old Wier place in your photo. My mother was born in Renno and I was born in Clinton in 1943. My mother’s father was a Wier, (Duh!) and her mother, my grandmother, was a Ray. Well the Ray side of the family is descended from a Jacks (as well as Simpsons, Rays, Prathers, Adairs, Braddocks, just some in that line, I am told.) These families date back to the Revolution. As for me, I am the 5th generation to be born within 5 miles of Duncan’s Creek Presbyterian Church, and a 7th generation South Carolinian. If you need more information email me. I currently live in Orangeburg, SC.

    Steve K.

  2. If you’d like, I can send you an typed transcript of an old oral history of the Riser house. A local librarian sent it to me.

  3. Hi, I just started my genealogy research on ancestry.com and found out that my great great grandfather is listed as school master in the 1860 Reynosa census. His name was John Odell. I couldn’t find any mention of Reynosa anywhere on the web until I did a search for “reynosa jacks township south carolina” and found your page! So glad I did! Wonder if he taught at the school in your pictures. Do you know when that school dates back to? Feel free to email me.

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