Exploring Jacks Township

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  1. Deborah,

    My mother was a Wier who’s family owned the old Wier place in your photo. My mother was born in Renno and I was born in Clinton in 1943. My mother’s father was a Wier, (Duh!) and her mother, my grandmother, was a Ray. Well the Ray side of the family is descended from a Jacks (as well as Simpsons, Rays, Prathers, Adairs, Braddocks, just some in that line, I am told.) These families date back to the Revolution. As for me, I am the 5th generation to be born within 5 miles of Duncan’s Creek Presbyterian Church, and a 7th generation South Carolinian. If you need more information email me. I currently live in Orangeburg, SC.

    Steve K.

  2. If you’d like, I can send you an typed transcript of an old oral history of the Riser house. A local librarian sent it to me.

  3. Hi, I just started my genealogy research on ancestry.com and found out that my great great grandfather is listed as school master in the 1860 Reynosa census. His name was John Odell. I couldn’t find any mention of Reynosa anywhere on the web until I did a search for “reynosa jacks township south carolina” and found your page! So glad I did! Wonder if he taught at the school in your pictures. Do you know when that school dates back to? Feel free to email me.

    1. I was interested in your post. My Dad (1917-2015) was born in Laurens, but he was orphaned and raised in the north by 1922. His Dad, Clarence Arthur O’Dell (1861-1922), was a harness maker and then shop keeper in Laurens. There is sketchy info through ancestry.com that c. 1870 O’Dells may have lived in Jacks Twp. Clarence, Sr., (d. 1877?) and Thomas O’Dell were the names we came across, but also John O’Dell which we aren’t sure is really related to us. My wife and I are visited Laurens 6/12/17 – 6/17. Any info you have that might be of interest to us I’d like to have and I’d be glad to share anything I have that might be of use to you.

  4. My grandfather Clarence Arthur O’Dell (1861-1922) lived in Laurens, 323 Silver St.,most of his adult life. He was a harness maker and later a store keeper on Harper St. There is some sketchy info on ancestry that his father, also Clarence, may have lived in Jacks c. 1870. There may have also been a Thomas O’Dell in the family before the Clarences. My wife and I are visiting the area June 12-17 to look into family history. Any suggestions os resources we should search when we are there. I already know of the LC Museum and Public Lib. genealogy room. Thanks, 520-609-1525 (cell)

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