Dime Store Memories

5 thoughts on “Dime Store Memories”

  1. We had a Ben Franklin in Madison, CT growing up. Source for Estes rockets, Wacky Packages stickers, plastic models, and I believe my mom got sewing supplies there too. Yes, and kites.

  2. Thanks for the nostalgia trip! I too remember the old dime stores… they were rapidly going the way of the dodo by the time I was in college but they managed to hang on a few years longer in small towns like Manning, Orangeburg, Summerton…

  3. And a spirograph. You could be spirographing right now! Did they have any Lite Brites? Or Creepy Crawlers?

  4. No matter how jumbly and messy the store looks, the ladies who work there can put their hands on anything you ask for.

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