Death by “Shenandoah”

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  1. Speaking of “things choral”, did you hear Performance Today yseterday on NPR? As part of their “MLK Celebration”, they had the Moorhouse and Speilmen (sp) College glee clubs and the ASO singing an arrangment of “Lift Every Voice”. Now, I’m a BIG fan of that music. Done in a straight forward manner that is compatible with AA cultural practices. THIS was one of those souped up versions. I thought, “Oh no, they’ll make it sound too … it’s like the Holy Grail. A fancy schmancy chalice, or a wooden fisherman’s cup? Well, this arrangement was GREAT! Wide range of dynamics and other musical devices, tastefully used, and very much a “blockbuster” type piece. Personally, I still prefer the “direct” approach to this song, but it’s an arrangement I’d love to hear or sing in person. Don’t know who the arranger is, but I’m gonna take a look around and see if I can find out.

  2. Ah, one other thing came to mind in relation to the PDQ Bach, and programming in general. I had a number of folks mention that they heard the radio broadcast of the fall concert, and found the PDQ Bach to be really enjoyable and hilarious. I’d hate, though, to see it show up too often, as it’d likely get “old”.

    My concern with many concerts, particularly with the subscription concerts with the GSO, is not getting enough music for the money. I know that it can’t be measured by the pound, but I’ve been to concerts where 30 minutes constituted a half. That’s not good enough. It’s like a CD with 30 – 40 minutes of music for full price. I’m not likely to feel good about the “value”. In choral concerts, this very definitely is a concern too. Maybe it’s not so much length, but the “heft” of what one gets. Interesting issue, particularly when put into a historical perspective of what programming used to be.

  3. Hear hear! I used to like “Shenandoah”. Not anymore. Oh Shenandoah, now I DON’T long to see you.

    I enjoyed the concert! The Haydn was exquisite, and, well, PDQ was PDQ.


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