Concrete Heaven

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  1. That’s realy near mom and dad’s house. I get a kick out of the boat at the foot of the lighthouse.

    “Red” Southern used to have a similar place down in Princeton. I was never quite clear why two such businesses existed so near each other (about 5 miles).

  2. love your place..found by accident on way to Myrtle Beach 09/04/11 bought my bird girl…and a cat and bird.

    thanks,..Paulette and Dennis
    Cornelia GA

  3. Hi my name is Brenda I’ve been searching for a concrete bowl with concrete fruit and was wondering if you have anything like that.What are your hours of business?

  4. Just a quick update to let everyone know Estelle is still open for business but having recently turned 91 she is starting to wind things down. She’s a wonderful lady who loves visitors. If you’re in the area we’d highly recommend stopping by and seeing if there’s something that would look good in your yard.

    Many of the fiberglass statues have been sold. We’re thrilled to have provided a new home for the Tastee Freez statue. He’s currently shipping across the country to us in Portland, OR.

    1. Thanks for the update. I had read about Jacob’s adventures with the Tastee Freeze. Glad it’s found a new home.

  5. I cannot find your phone number anywhere, but I ride by and see you are still in business. I’m looking for a new top for a bird bath I bought from you years ago. Can you please send me a good phone number so I can see if you have one – long ride from Greenville. Many thanks!

    1. I think you have misunderstood. This is not the website for the concrete company, but my personal website. I have no connection with the company in Ware Place.

    1. Let me make this clear. I am NOT the owner of this business. I just visited, then wrote about it. I don’t have any lawn jockeys, and wouldn’t sell you one if I did have them.

    2. If you’re going to be so damn snooty about people mistaking you for a website that sells lawn ornaments (like I did) then why the hell do you waste our time with your stupid website? Do us all a favor and take your stupid website off line and stuff it!

      1. Wow. This ignorance in your response is incredible. First, it’s my own damn website and I can be as snooty as I want without apology. Secondly no one is requiring you to look at it. I suggest you keep your damn mouth shut and stick with your porn sites.

  6. I am delighted that you posted these photos. As a little girl, my dad was a Recruiter for the Marine Corps after his tours of duty in Vietnam. We lived in Greenwood 1971-74 and went to Six Flags Over Georgia a couple of times. Passing by the “big rooster” always meant we were close to home. On a whim I decided to try and see if maybe it was posted somewhere online and up popped your blog. All of a sudden, I was 5 years old in the backseat of our lime green Ford Galaxie 500 giggling with my sister at such a silly sight. I loved all that you shared too. I’d like to believe that Estelle is still there with Shoney’s Big Boy!

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