Chasing the Swamp Rabbit – Part 3, Sievern and Edisto Academy

3 thoughts on “Chasing the Swamp Rabbit – Part 3, Sievern and Edisto Academy”

  1. I enjoyed reading your article. If you’re interested I have a couple of photos from Edisto Academy that were given to me by my grandmother (she attended The academy).

  2. As a professional Land Surveyor and a native of Wagener I have had the opportunity to do some surveying in the Sievern area. I surveyed a tract of land that had the old railroad bed as one of its boundaries. I remember finding an old pine knot on the edge of the railroad bed marked with the Roman numeral XIII and referenced on an old plat as the corner of the property. It was not too far from where the old turntable was. I remember it as being a distinct round area at the end of the bed which was easily identifiable back then. I also saw a large building that I was told was from the Edisto Academy. It was several stories and I think build of wood and pretty much in tact but not sure. I remember the old brick entrance and I think a stone marker with Edisto Academy etched in it. It was amazing to see something like that in such a remote area. This was in the early 70s and I never returned as I moved away soon after. Wish I had had an I-phone back then. The pictures would be something to share today.

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