Chasing a THIRD Swamp Rabbit – Part 5, Paddling to Goat Island

2 thoughts on “Chasing a THIRD Swamp Rabbit – Part 5, Paddling to Goat Island”

  1. Hey, thanks so much for all of the details and photos of your trip to Peeler/Goat Island. My 4th great-grandfather is Isaac Peeler who lived on the island. I have been researching him and his family for years and have wondered what his home area looks like. I’m quite amazed that I found such a detailed account of the river he lived on. I wish you could have a show on The Travel Channel. Thanks for your desire to find evidence of the railroad not knowing that you were helping a descendant of Isaac Peeler who lives in Texas!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos and details of your excursion to Goat Island on the Broad River at Cherokee Falls, , this has been very informative. I’ve always been interested in that area, thank you so much !

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