Buried in the Tall Pines

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  1. This is the most interesting article I have read in a very long time. Certainly makes a person do some hard thinking about the place we will reside in the afterlife will look like after so many years. I truly the read. Thank you for taking your time and effort to print an article such as this.

  2. Great article! I love finding old cemeteries and sharing the pictures and info for others to find. Awesome job!

  3. Excellent post, Tom! I was not aware of any of this. The “lighthouse” in the middle of the lake makes me want to take a ride out there. Thank you for the great info on this area and the interesting characters who once lived here.

  4. Thank you for the information here. I have walked part of the property, and can’t wait to get back and do more exploring on foot, or by kayak. Very interesting history of this place, and I am glad that DNR now has this property, and it will be protected for future generations to enjoy. My only concern is that the public will take care of this land and water as if it were their own. It is up to us, the hikers, fishermen, hunters and nature lovers to protect this place, and it’s history, as well. Thanks.

  5. Amazing finds!! Just wanted to say that the white glass is a milk glass vase. I own one, so I recognized the pattern. ♡

    1. I have not, yet, mainly because I wasn’t sure that I had enough information and the number of graves was rather sparse. I’d like to see what SCDNR does with clean up so that the site can be documented properly.

      1. Tom I lived across Moody Bridge when the WIlkinsons still owned it and their daughter lived in the old farm house. We had a meager 75 acres and decided to get out of Dodge when the Wilkinson kids sold the place to the developers. That was just about the time things went south in the market and I’m pretty sure that’s what saved Tall Pines from being another cheesy golfing development. I truly wonder if the WIlinsons even knew about the cemetery! Great article!

  6. Thank you for sending this article to me. It’s a very interesting blog post. As a society we have certainly quit thinking that the dead are sacred. Cemeteries across the state are falling to ruin. But I’m so glad this wild land is protected.

  7. Very interesting article! I love old history and old cemetery’s! Interested in hearing more of your research on Tall Pines, South Saluda Baptist Church, the lakes, the cemetery, and the property!

  8. What an amazing and interesting story! The details made it come alive. My ancestors settled in northern Greenville and Pickens counties in the late 1700s and I love reading stories about that area. Thanks!

  9. Great article and welcome to the “I love old stuff” club…could be graves, houses, roads, books, and of course cemeteries/graves and now old people…good job!

  10. Amazing story and photos. Thank you so much for perking my interest in learning more. My great great grandparents also settled around Greenville and Pickens Counties. Really has me curious now to see if family members are buried there in the cemetery. But, regardless, great research and photos. My hat off to you and Mark.

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