Bring Your Own Guitar

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  1. Hi Tom,
    We have another week here on Kitsap Peninsula. Tomorrow we are taking the Ferry from Port Angles to Victoria Island Canada. Need to seize the opportunities to explore.
    Like you, we have been curious about kayaking in the area. We have been stopping in and talking to owners of various kayak shops and it sounds like the season is short.
    We have found some cute towns on Kitsap Peninsula; Poulsbo, ( Viking Town) and Port Gamble ( copy of East Machias Maine).
    Last week we went to the Kitsap Mushroom Club for a presentation on 3 D photography of mushrooms. Nice group of people and interesting photos. We are members of the Asheville Mushroom Club, folks here made us feel right at home without one ” Bless her heart”.
    I think we are getting a taste of the weather here in the Pacific North West, a little rain, some sun, then a little rain again.
    Have fun exploring.

    1. Sounds like you guys are having a great trip! I don’t mean to disparage southernisms, but sometimes it’s refreshing not to hear them all the time.

      I was aware of the short paddling season. I’m thinking about buying a drysuit to extend the season a bit.

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