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  1. Hello Tom and Laura,

    I was so very gratified to read your review of our restaurant; with one exception…your service. As the General Manager, I take customer service very seriously. I would like to apologize that you did not get the level of service that I would like all my guests to receive. I spent a long time trying to get that particular member of our staff up to the standards that I have set for them; alas, it was all for naught. I finally had to admit that he was beyond my abilities as a manager to train and, as a result, I let him go.

    I don’t normally talk about the internal goings-on with our staff publicly, but in this case, I thought it was more important to be honest and let you know that I saw the issues with him and took action. When you come back for your Happy Hour tapas outing, you can rest easy that he will not be your server.

    Please be sure and say hi when you do come in. I would like to thank you in person.

    Thank you,
    Bridget McShane
    General Manager

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