Bound for the Promised Land

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  1. Sounds like a great day Tom. Sorry I missed it. The drive to Greensboro took five hours due to traffic. We’ve had so little rain lately I think everyone has forgotten how to drive in it.

  2. It was a great day and I hate that you missed it, for multiple reasons. However, the Rock House remains to be found, and we didn’t get down to Long Cane.

    1. The Rock House on Rock House Road is legendary around Greenwood. It sits back from the road and may not be visible anymore. It may still be owned by the Tolbert family. Your best bet is to ask anybody in town over 40- you’re bound to find it! You can also find it in a Youtube video.

  3. I know the area that you are talkings about. I have been to Cedar Springs several times, I want to know more about it. If you have more info about it or about Parsons MTN. or anything in that area please feel free to e-mail me. Fellow history , ancestry buff.

  4. How do I get permission to use a couple of photos of Epworth Camp on this site? Thanks

  5. Very interesting and a well detailed and described trip. Every place you went has been my “stomping ground” for my entire life. I live only a few miles from Siloam Church on Lake Greenwood. My great-uncle, Bob Wells, owned a large farm in the area near the church and is buried in the church cemetery also. The hunting club I’m a member of, Long Cane Hunting Club, has land around Cedar Springs and Troy. I’ve also spent a many a day hunting on land in Promise Land. My great-grandfather is buried in Ninety Six. So it seems I have a connection with almost every place y’all went. This made your article very interesting. Thanks for the historical reminder.

    Ps. I remember as a teenager my dad having dealings with a man named Ellenberg who was an Evinrude outboard dealer. He owned a shop near Irving’s Fish Camp on Lake Greenwood. Would he be any relation to you?

    1. Ray, I don’t remember any of my family working at an Evinrude place, but given the name and locale, I don’t doubt that they are related.

  6. William Watson “Babe” Ellenberg was my great great grandfather as well. My line descends from his son Marion Cornelius Ellenberg. And I have been to all those places as well when visiting with my cousins in the area. Lovely descriptions.

    1. I loved the history lesson in the Promised Land and especially the pictures. I am working on my daughter-in-law’s (Ellenburg from Easley, SC) genealogy. I appreciate all the family information and photos submitted to concerning William Watson Ellenburg. Does anyone have documented paperwork proving who his parents are? I am aware of some names (William Benson Ellenburg and Hezekiah Ellenburg) as his father, but I have found no proof. Can anyone help me out?

  7. Thanks for the info, I am going to go, if the weather permits this weekend. I enjoyed the photos and the pictures! God Bless Moses!

  8. Thanks for the great detail. I picked up a lens from a Nikon dealer the other day, and he mentioned the strange and abandoned plantation he had photographed years ago. I will head down to “The Promised Land” area in a week or two with many additional stops in mind (thanks to your well-written summary). I live in Greenville, SC, and also enjoy history. Perhaps a few of the photos on my website will be as interesting to you, as yours were to me. Quick note–one hidden gem to me was the Shiloh Methodist Church in Inman, SC. It’s in the “Church” gallery.

    Thanks again, Bill

  9. Thanks, Bill. You’ve got some great photos on your SmugMug account. I especially like the mill shots.

    I have dropped by Shiloh Methodist several times. That’s a fantastic place to take photos. One of these days I’d like to get by there when I can get into the church.

  10. Bill, I loved your photos and comments. My 6th gr. gf was Samuel Campbell Clegg. It has been startling to read about his history, especially, in light of all of the American Rev. soldiers, to which I am also related.

    Thanks for your adventurous spirit and documentation of our wonderful heritage.

  11. Tom thanks so much for writing about your excursion. The pics are great and I’m CRAVING that picnic lunch!

  12. What a great article. For more information on Promised Land, you may want to see Dr. Elizabeth Bethel’s (Lander University sociologist) book “Promiseland- A Century of Life in a Negro Community.” It’s several years old but available on Amazon. Also, at Epworth, you were near the location of the Phoenix Riot, which made an indelible impression on a young Dr. Benjamin Wright who influenced Martin Luther King,Jr. (His birthplace home was moved into Greenwood from the Phoenix community.

  13. You may also be interested that there was once a nice exhibit of mementos from the military chaplain career of Julian Ellenburg in The Museum in Greenwood. (Not sure if it’s still available now).

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