Bold Non-Binding Resolutions

2 thoughts on “Bold Non-Binding Resolutions”

  1. Providing free Internet, and competing against the private sector, runs contrary to the Republican philosophy, and is sure to be vetoed by our Libertarian governor. There’s no way for the state to pay for the venure, and neither article mentions how it would be realistically accomplished technically or economically.

    SCE TV floated a plan to educators last year that would provide students with free wireless educational services via their digital TV signals, and would be available to fill-in coverage of rural areas. It involved a public-private partnership that made some sense.

    Any abuse of access– downloading objctionable material or copyrighted work– could be turned off or limited.

  2. Indeed. I truly wish this were a sincere gesture, but I think it’s something grandiose that they can tout, all the while knowing that our school-fund-chopping legislature and governor will never let it see the light of day.

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