Biking the Wateree Passage

4 thoughts on “Biking the Wateree Passage”

  1. That is quite a tiring but exciting adventure. It ended on a bit of a downer for me though. That sign near the end, saying that the church of the holy cross is not in TEC, was a bit of a reality jolt. A real tragedy that people choose to leave a church organization because of … certain reasons. Sad. It looked as though with that, and adding Anglican, that they really wanted to make a point about this.

  2. This is fantastic! The photos capture the beauty so well. Very glad you guys made it out that day. Foxville can be a nightmare when it rains.

    Suzette Anderson

  3. Great photos. We’ve hiked part of that section but would like to go back and bike it this year. Thanks for sharing.

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