American Spinning Cemetery

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  1. I was at first puzzled at the number of leaning headstones in this cemetery. Then I noticed that there appeared to be a number of fire ant nests around some that were not yet leaning. I believe that the nests are the cause of this. As the ants bring the soil to the surface, it gets moved bit by bit by heavy rains, wind, mowers, and other means, leaving a cavern beneath the surface. Eventually, the stones tip over as the caverns collapse. Another reason to curse the person or persons who imported (by accident, of course) this accursed critter….

  2. I know that Wrenn Memorial Baptist Church two or three streets away have been keeping records and maintaining the American Spinning Cemetary for many years.

  3. My husband has several relatives buried in American Spinning Cemetrey. I found their names listed on find a grave..they have no markers so I have no idea where their graves are. I got in touch with the Church close to the cemetrey, they said they were over it but did not have a map of plots. They even said they are letting people still be buried there. I called some of the county and city offices of Greenville but did not have any luck. I wish I could get in touch with who owns the land. Thought maybe they would have map of plots.

    1. Hi – I am a librarian and do genealogical research for folks through Find-a-Grave. If you can find out which funeral home was in charge of your relatives’ burial and contact them, they should be able to tell you where your relatives are buried in the cemetery, even if they do not have a marker or the marker has been lost.
      Leslie B.

  4. I am so curious about the American Spinning Cemetery. My great great grandmother is buried here (1906) Martha A Cox Jones. I would like to take a trip to Greenville just to research more of her family line. I can not find the names of her parents. Thank you for the details of your trip and sharing them.

    1. Hi Robin – if you decide to make that trip & would like some help, feel free to drop me a note. I live in the area & would be happy to help.

  5. There was no church near the American Spinning cemetery. The mill village churches were on Old Buncombe Road at the edge of the village, Morgan Memorial Baptist and Bethel Methodist. paternal gra

  6. My Grandparents Tennie and Maggie Christian, two uncles and a half brother are buried in the northwest corner of the cemetery. My mother put the monument for her parents and her son. She fenced around the graves. My husband and I try to keep the graves clean. About the problem with some of the monuments many were vandalized until the fence was put up. There are a lot of the graves that now unmarked.

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