Adventures in Audi-Land

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Audi-Land”

  1. I bought an Acura TL three years ago and it has been darned near perfect. I’m not saying I won’t change brands, but it will take something big. For fifteen years prior I drove BMWs. Great cars but prone to like the shop. My last BMW had an ongoing engine problem due to the US gas which required a new engine twice (luckily they stood up and footed the bill).

    To begin with I tested the Acura RL, the flagship. In the end, however, I preferred the TL. It’ the equivalent of the BMW 3 series and I suppose the Audit 4 series.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Mark. I had a Honda Accord that I loved, and drove to death. I may test drive the Honda/Acura line, too, when I get ready to trade my Jetta.

    As troublesome as it is, we’re not quite ready to part with Laura’s Audi yet.

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