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  1. Interesting! I just found out about Perryville, and enjoyed reading about it. Hopefully, we can check it out!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog this week and I have been visiting this site each day. Such a great blog! I can’t wait to share this site.

    1. Please note that I do not maintain a mailing list. You may have subscribed to notifications regarding specific posts, but you will have to unsubscribe yourself from those lists.

      1. MLK 2015 Jenkinsville school memorial
        I just found your great blog and without your permission (Asking it now) took the liberty of requesting a link to your blog on the memorial to be released with a letter of explaination in our local Fairifield County News paper. I am trying to get the memorial resurrected and moved to a more befitting resting place.
        Thank you for the great photos and article.
        Jeff Schaffer
        write me back and I will send you a copy of article written for the paper.

  3. I found some info re Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church posted on Ancestry.com. Too much to post in here. How can I send it to you, if you are interested. Margaret Ann Beaty who is buried there, was married to my 2x g-grandfather, Frances “Frank” Allen Hobson.


  4. I loved the old school photos (Pleasant Grove, Emory and Sardis). I had read often about many of the field schools or academies that once existed in the Edgefield Advertiser (US Library of Congress digital collections). The photo you have for a possible school is the home built in 1950 for my grandfather, G.O. Etheredge. The home was designed by John Allen Long architect in 1950. (Clemson Library-Special collections). If you could remove this as a possible school, this would be appreciated.

  5. I enjoyed your write up about Cokesbury and as Chairman, I codially invite to visit again when you have an opportunity. We have undergone a large renovation over the last two years and the building looks great! We are open on Sundays from 2:00-5:00PM April thru November. Or, we will give you a tour by appointment. Contact Rob Jones 864-942-2456

  6. Hello Tom
    Thanks for posting the excellent photos under the March 15, 2015, “Spring Break in Florida – Part Three, Indrio School” entry.
    Were the photos taken in March of 2015? The building looks the same as it did in the late ’60s. I was part of a rock and roll band back then and we used the building for practice a couple of times each week.
    It looks like they are doing some block work with the foundation to keep its integrity.
    By the way, when you went from “Indrio School-3” to “Indrio School B&W,” was the removal of the trash can necessary or a preference?

  7. Do you know about the four Revolutionary grave markers at the top of the hill at the South Carolina rest stop at I-85 and Lake Hartwell? I just happened to run across them several years ago while walking my dog. They are kind of hard to find but I would be happy to show you.

  8. Hey Tom,
    It was fun to meet you at the AMM event. I added your blog to my Bloglovin list, but it isn’t getting your RSS feeds to update when you post, so I am not seeing your new posts. I see you haven’t claimed it yet, and that may be part of the issue. Email me back, and I’ll help you get that done so more people will see your blog.

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