A Tuesday Sparklberry Paddle

3 thoughts on “A Tuesday Sparklberry Paddle”

  1. Years ago we camped with a bunch of friends at the campground you mentioned. A small boy accompanied all the adults, and when I asked him if he’d like a s’more, he said, “Oh, no thanks. I only like the ‘good stuff.'” So, of course I asked, and he responded, “You know, like greens and sweet potatoes….” I ran into his father last year and asked if, as a teenager, his son still had the same taste in food. The father assured me that the son is still a good eater, a vegetarian, and a very good cook!

  2. I grew up in that swamp, my father had a cabin in the top of McGirts (or McGarths) lake built in the 1960’s. We would come in from Weeks Landing (now closed to public) and he also kept a boat at Buckingham hill (high bluff where water level is located) and we would carry gear down the hill, strap on a little motor and putt across the river then walk in to the flats to the cabin. Went back recently for first time in years to spread some of “Pops” ashes in the swamp he so loved. Thanks for another great story and memories.

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