A Mid-Winter Table Rock Hike

4 thoughts on “A Mid-Winter Table Rock Hike”

  1. Just for the record … I don’t think ANYONE who can hike Table Rock, particularly in their mid 50s, should be embarrassed about that. I’ve wanted to hake that trail since I was a little kid and got partway up it. Remember that first waterfall well – probably the first falls I ever saw. But, with my depth perception issues and weight and knee wear, … I admire you all for hiking this, and frankly for an act of determination! And, yes, it is an SC classic.

    Next stop; Raven Cliff Falls overlook?

    1. I think Raven Cliff might be a possibility. I’ve done that one before, too. But, again, it’s been a long, long time. I don’t remember it being as strenuous as Table Rock. We used to hike that before the trails were developed, and even used orienteering techniques to get back safely. I think I can make it to the overlook, but not to the falls themselves.

      1. The trail to the overlook is nowhere near as demanding as TR. Going to the base … that is a different matter. And the trek to the top and the bridge is much longer and has some demands (though not the elevation change as TR). The overlook is a good one IMO, and the payoff is a spectacular shot from the overlook platform.

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