A Feud, a Mule, a Senator, a Potter, and a Ghost Town or Two – Part One

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    1. Great job! Please look for O. L. Brady regarding this story. (“Guns is Meeting Street.”) He was my grandfather and because of his role is this—Strom Thurmond appointed him Chief of SLED in 1948 (?).
      Hope you are doing well. I am doing much better.

  1. Actually Joe Frank Logue was still a policeman when he hired Clarence Bagwell to kill Davis Timmerman in Edgefield. Logue claimed that he feared for the life of his mother and his wife, Flora, if he didn’t do what Aunt Sue told him to do. Aunt Sue apparently was a formidable person. Joe Frank walked the much desired Main Street beat in downtown Spartanburg. He knew a considerable number of low lifes from his policing career. He picked one Clarence Bagwell to carry out this particular project. He drove Bagwell to Timmerman’s store to murder Timmerman, stopping at a package store in Spartanburg first so the two of them could get liquored up on the drive down. Bagwell murdered Timmerman, and Logue and Bagwell retreated to Spartanburg. Unfortunately for Joe Frank and Sue etc Bagwell got liquored up in a Spartanburg bar and spilled the beans. Edgefield County Sheriff Wad Allen and a couple deputies went to arrest Sue etc and in the words of I think it was Felder Dorn “walked into a house full of Logues with guns.” The sheriff died at the scene and a deputy died later. I don’t remember who else died. But anyway…..my main point is that Joe Frank was a policeman at the time of all this. His Aunt Sue was the first, and for a long time only, woman to be put to death in the SC electric chair. Joe Frank himself came within 30 minutes of the same fate when then Gov Olin Johnston came to commute his sentence to life imprisonment. He was later released after serving about 20 years. His wife, Flora, was my first grade teacher. We had a substitute the day she went down to get Joe Frank to bring him home. He was a very quiet man, truly remorseful about what he’d done, very involved in Cross Anchor United Methodist Church. He and my father were friends. He liked talking to my father, who was a good listener. Joe Frank and Flora were a very devoted, loving couple. She stood by him all those years when he was in prison. They had no children. I guess their estate went to nieces/nephews. What a story this whole mess was!

  2. I am also related to the Timmermans; that being Paress Estelle Timmerman Marchant who is my great grandmother from Edgefield, Sc. Any info on her would be greatly appreciated. Julie Anne Johnson 8433537232

  3. I am also a Timmerman from the Edgefield area. I was born in Greenwood and now live in VA. My grandfather, ES Timmerman (Trip) and grandmother, Ida, are buried at the Bars Chapel Methodist Church where my GrandPa was a pastor. Near my grandparents grave site is next to the Dorn family grave sites.
    I think I have the original newspaper articles from this story stored away somewhere. Russell Timmerman Owings.

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