80% Won’t Post This

6 thoughts on “80% Won’t Post This”

  1. I posted this today after seeing one of those posts about cancer patients, i.e., me. I’m pretty sure this was the first time I’ve ever dragged out the “if you feel the same way post this” on a status update on Facebook.

    As a cancer patient, I’m more than a one-dimensional individual with as many dreams, wishes and disappointments in my life as I had before I had cancer. While I appreciate the thoughts, and one of my wishes is indeed to whup cancer’s ass, let me say that it is certainly not my ONLY wish in life.
    If you are a cancer patient who feels the same way, post this for at least one hour.

    1. al I agree wholeheartedly. As a kidney and thyroid cancer survivor,
      not only does reposting these memes do nothing to help cancer patients and survivors, what it does do is stress us out. I go on FB to forget, just for awhile. And now I am constantly reminded that at any time, my luck could change for the worse. I know the people that post these memes have good intentions, but if your intentions are that good, a go fund me page would be much more helpful.

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