50 Years a Trekkie

One thought on “50 Years a Trekkie”

  1. I enjoyed TOS for many of the same reasons you and others note. And I was a first run veteran too. My second favorite series was the first couple seasons of Enterprise, before the writers went into never-never land with The Void or whatever that junk was that ruined the series.

    But an aspect most won’t mention, but was rewarding to me, was the clothing styles on TOS v on every other incarnation of Trek. The female clothing styles, and the actresses they chose to feature in the episodes. I suppose that later series did not follow the TOS lead because it became politically incorrect, or perhaps it was deemed more respectful to adopt a different wardrobe. Yet, for a youngsta watching on a non-color TV, and now a not-so-youngsta watching the remastered and “updated” episodes, I enjoy and appreciate the truth and beauty and visual richness of that original series.

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