Whither Photography?

4 thoughts on “Whither Photography?”

  1. I think photos involving people will always be meaningful. And they’ll remain challenging to produce.

    I also think digital photography opens up new ways to gather image “pieces” that can be used to form new kinds of art. It seems that artists could assemble bits of color and form from, say, macro photos and merge them into compositions.

    But I think it’s much less of a challenge to shoot good quality landscape photographs. They’re just aren’t the technical challenges of lighting and exposure any more.

    Oh, and there’s still no substitute for real calligraphy– a real pen on paper.

    1. I agree. I guess I’m thinking more about the straight artsy photos seen at so many photo exhibits. As you said, photos involving people will always be meaningful, and from a commercial standpoint that’s where the money lies – weddings, class photos, and other life events.

  2. Great writing Tom. With DSLR cameras reaching more and more people I see a lot of people attaching “photography” to the end of their names. Like you said, I don’t see anything striking in most of this work. But this trend is changing lives for some professional photographers.

    I think it’s great that the technology to create art is in more hands. Some people have amazing talent that wouldn’t have been discovered in the past. The equipment (and training to use it) wasn’t as accessible.

    I’m not looking to sell photos or make money with my camera (I thought I would at one time, but now see more clearly.). I just enjoy photography as a hobby and try to make the best photos that I can.

    Photography is still necessary. It’s the way I’m writing my history.

    By the way – your camera (and YOU) did awesome with that tilt shift. And I’ve never heard of Blender. Crazy!

    1. Thanks, Ed. And I didn’t mean to imply that advancing technology is a bad thing. All of the points you mention are valid, especially about technology putting the ability to create art into more hands. I think that’s a great thing. Heck, I couldn’t do tilt-shift, HDR, fake lomo, or any of those other things without advanced technology. I’m sure there are some old-time film users that have the same feelings about what we do with digital.

      I just don’t think it should all be put up for sale. BTW, I think you and Cricket Jenkins could easily sell your work – you guys do some great stuff.

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