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  1. Route 1 is the main street of my home town, Madison, Connecticut. On the CT shoreline it’s also known as the Boston Post Road (in earlier days, mileages between Boston and (I think) New York were marked with posts every mile.) Our town library, my elementary school and so many other things front the Post Road. Route 1 quite beautiful in Madison. Just a quarter mile or so from the coast. Such as the coast is in Connecticut (Long Island Sound).
    So Tom, you should fly to New York, rent a car, and drive to Boston on U.S. 1. On the way, stop at Frankie’s Seafood in Westbrook, Conn. and eat a clam roll for me.

    1. I’ve driven from Boston to Maine, but not from NY to Boston. Maybe I need to do this entire stretch after all.

      …and to think, you don’t live too far from US 1 now.

  2. Prior to the 73 oil embargo, I used to travel to Palm Beach Florida each summer for a week or two vacation with family. As I95 was not even close to completion, we traveled 25 to Augusta, picked up US 1 near the HoJo, had breakfast at HoJo, and then struck out across the vast in-between that is Southeast Joja. We would take two routes – either drive US 1 (which has a really long bridge over one of those S Joja rivers), or take the “Peckerwood Trail” US 25 to the east of there. Generally one route going down, the other coming back. We’d stay the night in Jacksonville (family) or St Augustine, and then drive to Cape Kennedy and then take the A1A down the barrier islands to Jupiter Inlet or Ft Pierce (I forget which). Basically a 2 day trip to get to Palm Beach. Once, we returned up the Florida Turnpike, but found that to be a truly boring drive and didn’t do it again.

  3. scary, I have the same plan. But I’m going to take a motorcycle from one end to the other. I have family in Caribou, ME, so I would probably make that my end point.

  4. US ,1 in at least Lexington and Richland Counties, follows what was known as Two-Notch Road, an old colonial era trading path and before then a native American trail. President Washington did not have much good to say about traveling along this road through the pine barrens on the return trip during his trip through the southern states in the 1790s. Given the amount of urban sprawl now along along US 1 his comments would have the same meaning today some 210 years later.

    1. Joe – I had always wondered about the name “Two-Notch.” I had figured it was another of those historic routes that got incorporated into the highway system.

      Pher – Doing on the trek on a motorcycle had also crossed my mind.

  5. I did a somewhat similar trace on US 29 once. Since it’s basically the Upstate’s “main street,” I was curious where it went once out of the area. Fascinating old road, but kind of ends ingloriously up west of the Baltimore loop. I wonder if that was its original end.

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