The Tobacco Trail through Orangeburg County, Part One

3 thoughts on “The Tobacco Trail through Orangeburg County, Part One”

  1. Nice to include the Coffee Pot. I have no evidence other than hearsay but a now deceased acquaintance claimed there was once a motel behind the Coffee Pot. I have seen an apparently abandoned building in the distance behind it that appears to be of similar architecture (i.e., cinderblocks), and it looks very much like a cabin-style motel building. If so, there would have been several of them. Glad the Gray family has preserved the Coffee Pot. That little building has long been a “landmark” along 301 and I never fail to look for it when I pass that way.

  2. Great article! Really enjoyed it. The EconoLodge motel was a former Holiday Inn. You can tell by the signature brown ridged base on the sign. They used that style for many years. I suspect they moved there after leaving what is now the university property just down the street.

  3. Great article on what is my favorite ghost highway. We’ve no doubt taken many of the same pictures. I was in fact a guest of the old Orangeburg Holiday Inn in 1966 and ’71. In recent years I’ve cover the highway north of Jacksonville, FL numerous times. As you probably have discovered, Allendale more or less represents the epicenter of post-Interstate decay on the route. The long approach to the original 1930’s swing bridge over the Savannah River south of town is a rewardingly surreal yet easy walk that shouldn’t be missed.

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