The Tobacco Trail through Clarendon County

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  1. My late mother, who grew up in Manning, once told me of a boarding house in Manning that was very popular with the Yankees heading to Florida to “winter”, as they would stop to spend the night before resuming their journey. Served some of the best “home-cooked” meals around. Many evenings, during “supper” (that’s the evening meal in SC… everywhere else it’s called dinner), two small black boys would come to the dining room windows, which were open (no air conditioning back then) and SING… Mama said those little boys made a “ton of money” off the Yankees every night…
    Regretfully, I can’t remember who owned the boarding house or where it was. But I’m sure some older Manning resident, somewhere, would remember.

    Manning also had an interesting diner, White’s Streamliner. I wish I had taken a photo of it years ago, before it fell into decline. It’s long gone now.

  2. Wow – this is so awesome and brings back lots of memories. My grandmother worked at the Windsor Motel in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. I actually remember 95 opening but I was probably 5-6. Thanks for the great research.

    1. Tom, you might be interested in my US 301 photo albums on FB. I have over 700 images in seven albums. Hoping to do a self-published book one day. Feel free to friend me!
      Brian Patton, Longboat Key FL

  3. A very enjoyable read, Tom. This section of 301 is one of the many sections of the ghost highway I traverse whenever possible. North of Manning, across from the ex-Howard Johnson, is what was a Ramada Inn, currently “I-95 Extended Stay”. Even as early as 1975, Ramada had dropped it and it was operating as the “Armada Inn”. Late in the 90’s I stayed at the Summerton ex-Holiday Inn while it was a Knights Inn. Apparently, being just a quarter mile away from the I-95 exit was still too far to survive, and the Inn spiraled downward. Thanks for posting.

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