The Tobacco Trail through Bamberg County

3 thoughts on “The Tobacco Trail through Bamberg County”

  1. Good morning, Tom.
    Your posts re: Rte. 301 have proven both interesting and valuable in IDing the many photos I took yesterday, as I too retraced the Trail from the Savannah north to above Orangeburg.
    I was able to uncover the name of that final motel before the Bamberg County line. It’s the Nightfall motel. These forms seldom include a way to attach a photo for visual confirmation, but should you acknowledge this I can certainly send it along.
    And with your permission…similarly if I hit a wall on IDing something I shot.
    Great work! Thanks!

  2. My grandparents used to run the Pioneer Motel on 301 just South of Bamberg. Years later, it did become a nursing home called Carrigg Manor.

  3. The old nearby store was once a B.Loyd’s Pecan Store. They sold pecan candies, Claxton fruitcakes, moccasins, souvenirs, snacks, gold drinks, and fireworks. My grandparents left the motel and ran the store for some years past retirement age. B. Lloyd’s sold the store. It was run as a local convenience store of sorts for awhile by my grandparents before it was sold. The new owners used it for storage and later abandoned it.

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