The Temple of Health

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  1. Good Sir,
    I would be interested in further discussion of this topic, as the “Temple of Health” you are discussing is also my family home, which was,as you say, transported to the Georgia Mountains a few years ago. YOur research ahs provided much interesting additional info tome, and I believe I/ we may have some additional info for you.

    I do look forward to hearing from you. Carol Gable Basinger

    1. Enjoyed your post – a ‘rabbit hole’ well traversed.
      In “U.S. Postmaster Appointments – 18323-1971” we found the following:
      ‘Temple of Health – George W. Wilson – 27 Jan 1829’
      Also -‘ John Cunningham – 6 Feby 1836’.
      Jeanie Brown
      Manton, MI

  2. I know where the Temple of Health used to stand. The house was moved to a bed and breakfast like place in Toccoa, Georgia. There is still and old house that I assumed was used for postal things. However, the place where the house once stood is now a vacant lot. A pond was recently dug near there and the sand was almost white. Lending some truth to the mineral springs that were said to be located near there. Go south from Anderson, SC down Highway 28. Trail Road turns to your left toward Belton. The old Temple of Health sat on the right (on Highway 28) across from where you can turn to go to Trail Rd. If you are ever in the area, I would love to show you around. This is a really great place full o f history.

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