The Perils of Cloud Computing

5 thoughts on “The Perils of Cloud Computing”

  1. Sometime it’ll all be one big interacting cloud mass. Then the Cylons (Red Chinese?) or a surrogate will introduce some particularly clever cross-platform virus, and it’ll all crash and burn.

  2. I heard that story too. And gasped when I heard about Flickr.

    About 12 years ago I created a Yahoo! personal page and it’s remained my browser’s home page ever since. I’ve never found another customizable personal page that works as well. Some of the modules have been discontinued (ie The State newspaper headlines) but there are always new ones that more than make up for the ones that are lost. I love the way Yahoo! deals with college football info. THe stock market, weather, and TV listings are clean and easy to “localize.” Why is Yahoo! losing to Google??

  3. Tom, what seems to be the big problem? Revenue? I understand that paying for the presence of these services has been an issue for a long time, and how to generate revenue without subscription charges seems to be the “holy grail quest” for all on-line media. I hope Yahoo can figure it out; I use their services a lot as well.

    1. Revenue, and probably over-extension. I don’t know why they can’t seem to pull it together.

      Then again, it could be a name thing. Google gets better vibe than Yahoo. King of like how Target does better than K-Mart.

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