The Northern Hemisphere Games

2 thoughts on “The Northern Hemisphere Games”

  1. They could do them in Chile. Maybe New Zeland. But I think they should always do them in the European Alps. Maybe in Scandanavia once in a while.
    I think the winter olympics are the greatest sporting event on the planet. Rise up with me and sing the praises of famous men (and women): Ingemar Stenmark, Eric Heiden, the 1980 US hockey team, Bode Miller, Peggy Flemming, Katarina Witt, Hermann Maier.
    Yes, I’m a New Englander. Yes, my childhood (and adult) dream was to be an alpine ski racer or a hockey player. But tune in for the men’s downhill (alpine) race on Feb 13th and tell me it’s not the most exciting thing in sports. Go Bode! (he’s from Franconia, New Hampshire)

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