Tales of a “Terra”-rist

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  1. So… if we know what a bomb is supposed to look like, then why are our troops gettin’ killed by IEDs? There are over 3/4 million of these geocaches around the world. Only a handful get in trouble. If my kid puts a cardboard box on my porch, and I don’t recognize it–and call the police– the same thing will happen. 50% of all kids abducted and murdered were picked up in a public park… this must mean parks are headed toward regulation! Slow news day, huh?

  2. Confession of a Terra-Tube. Tom, I couldn’t make enough apologies to the law enforcement officers who had to respond to a geocache. I made the initial call the day after the incident and followed up with a personal visit on Friday. My outspoken opinion of this sort of caching stemed from a personal conflict with another cacher. It really got out of hand. Love it or hate it, your posts are usually objective. It kind of stings a bit to see it in print, but darn if what you said doesn’t ring true.


  3. Ron – I read your blog all the time, and know how you feel about these things. I think this was an unfortunate incident, and really could have happened to any of us that place geocaches, regardless of location or size/shape of the cache. From my conversations with my ATF friends, most of them understood what was going on.

    I think the media has played upon the “terror” (terra?) aspect of this so much that people are quaking in their boots.

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