Digital Disconnect

Monday evening was the first rehearsal of the season for the Greenville Chorale. This fall we’re doing some of my absolute favorite music – Rachmaninoff’s All Night Vigil. We’re doing it in Russian, which has caused me no small amount of headaches – not because of the difficulty in singing, but because of inability to say no.

Musica Russica is a company dedicated to making Russian choral music available for performance. They have also produced an audio pronunciation guide for the Church Slavonic in the vigil. We have a license to provide the audio guide to the group, and Bing Vick asked if I could find some way to distribute it. Continue reading “Digital Disconnect”

New Website, New Headaches

This week our school district went live with it’s new website – In addition to a URL change, the site has an entirely new look and feel than our old site did. In addition to the cosmetic changes, there are some other behind-the-scenes changes. First, we’re not hosting the site locally. A group called … Continue reading New Website, New Headaches