Creative Spam

So far my blog is recovering nicely from the hack attack on it last week.  I’m not seeing any of the incoming links for various pharmaceutical products.  I do still get spam comments, though.  Fortunately, Akismet is doing a pretty good job of making sure I don’t have to waste time on those. Even so, … Continue reading Creative Spam

Spam Injection

I knew it was going to be a rough day.  The coffee maker didn’t start on time, I cut myself shaving, and my watch stopped working.   Then, to top it off, I found that this website had been hit by a spam injection hack attack.  I was tempted to crawl back into bed. I first … Continue reading Spam Injection

Blog Existentialism

Dear Readers:

I’m having MAJOR problems with the blog and with the hosting company, Accuweb Hosting. The latest is an apparent virus attack on the blog. I have the Akismet plugin which is supposed to block spam comments. However, something keeps disabling that plugin. Therefore, until further notice all commenting on posts has been disabled. I’m hoping to get that fixed soon because I enjoy the feedback from these posts. Continue reading “Blog Existentialism”

Old School Spam

Following up on my previous spam rant… It’s not just for in-boxes. spam is with us just about everywhere. We don’t think of it as such, but there it is – get rich quick schemes, quackery, and graspable straws for the hopeless. This is the same thing I see in late-night cable TV advertisements and … Continue reading Old School Spam

Spam Rant

<rant> OK, I want to know who you are. I want to know which of you are actually stupid enough to think that purchasing real estate, refinancing your house, or making any major investment because of some random e-mail you received is actually a good idea. I want to know which of you feels so … Continue reading Spam Rant