The Mystery of Shiloh School

Shiloh-Queendale School-002

Back last fall we were presented with a mystery. Fellow photographer Hank Myers had contributed a photograph of an old brick school to the South Carolina Picture Project. The project editor, Tara Bailey, had initially labeled the school as Shiloh Rosenwald School. After a bit of research, the three of us decided that it wasn’t a Rosenwald school, so Tara edited the photo entry to reflect that new information.

Shiloh School

When Ken and I visited the location we had a couple of potential sites for the Rosenwald School. We checked those out, but couldn’t find any existing schools at those locations. Based on that information, the SCIWAY entry now says that the school is no longer extant.

…or is it? Continue reading “The Mystery of Shiloh School”

Millstone Mystery

Last Friday afternoon I was copied on an e-mail from my boss regarding a discovery. This summer they are doing some sewer work at Reidville Elementary School, and according to the e-mail the construction workers had dug up an old mill stone behind the school. The e-mail was addressed to the principal of the school, … Continue reading Millstone Mystery

Happy Anniversary MTCC!

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the Middle Tyger Community Center. MTCC is a unique collaboration between several state agencies, including District Five Schools of Spartanburg, District Five Ministries, DSS, DHEC, and Spartanburg adult education. It provides services to many, many people in need, including childcare for teenage mothers so that they can complete … Continue reading Happy Anniversary MTCC!

For Want of a Nail…

The first week of school, and I’ve been flumoxed by small things. Someone forgets to plug in a cable, and half a school goes offline. Someone forgets to check a box on a piece of software, and our lunch system doesn’t get updated with our new students. All of these small things have had a … Continue reading For Want of a Nail…