Test Driving the i-gotU GPS Tracker

UPDATE: This review was for the i-GotU GT-100. Mobile Action has contacted me and asked if I would try out the new GT-120. I’ve tested it, and posted the new results here. So far it’s worked much better than the GT-100 reviewed here, which has now been discontinued by Mobile Action. I’m leaving this review in place for archival purposes.

I’ve been test-driving the new i-gotU GPS tracker. It’s a tiny little device that looks more like a toy than an actual gadget. The silly name and baby-blue plastic wrapper don’t help that impression much. However, it’s simplicity (as well as its price) were what drew me to this tracker in the first place.

There were several arguments for using a dedicated tracker for geotagging photos as opposed to a handheld GPS. First and foremost is size. The i-gotU unit is small enough that it could be attached to a camera strap so that it’s always with the camera. It won’t get in the way like a larger unit might. Since these trackers don’t have LCD display screens, battery life tends to be much better. Usually data trackers like this have the latest GPS chipsets, so accuracy is improved. In order to see if these arguments held true for the i-gotU, I decided to put the tracker to the test and do a side-by-side comparison with my trusty Garmin eTrex Legend.

i-gotU GPS trackeri-gotU GPS tracker compared to Garmin eTrex Legend

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Sunset over Greenville

I was on my way to Barnes & Nobel after dinner tonight and noticed the sun setting just over the buildings downtown. I pulled into the parking lot of the Park Central office complex on North Pleasantburg and found a nice clear spot with a view of downtown. I set up the tripod and started … Continue reading Sunset over Greenville

Everything Has Been Photographed

I was talking with my brother, Houston, this evening about cameras and photography in general. Houston has been an avid photographer for many, many years, and knows tons more on the subject than I do, however most of his work has been with film. He said he was hesitating entering the digital realm for one reason – everything has already been photographed.

Think about it. With the advent of digital, the number of photographs available to the general public has increased exponentially as people are no longer concerned with film costs. Granted, most of these are just snapshots that wouldn’t rise to the level of “art.” However, for good or bad, there has never been a greater documentation of day-to-day life in photos. All one has to do is search Flickr for a keyword such as “blue wall” to see what I mean.

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