Visiting Sparkleberry

It’s only 25 miles away, but it might as well be in another state. Never mind that I work in the county that bears its name, but to me Spartanburg is a foreign land. That feeling was hammered home this week as I’ve been attending rehearsals with the Spartanburg Festival Chorus for a performance of … Continue reading Visiting Sparkleberry

Flickr Adds Video

The Blogosphere is buzzing with the news that Flickr has now added support for video. However, they are not striving to become another YouTube. Flickr has always been about photographs, and they are adhering to a strict interpretation of what’s acceptable. They look at these videos as more “long photos” than anything. Basically, just a … Continue reading Flickr Adds Video

Exploring Laurens County

Laurens County Courthouse

It’s Spring Break this week, and the weather stinks out loud. Monday and Tuesday were cloudy and wet, so I spent the first part of the week on home maintenance, specifically, oiling our unfinished knotty pine paneling with linseed oil. It was a smelly job, so by Wednesday I really needed to get out of the house. Wednesday was also the only day this week predicted to have good weather, so it was now or never.

As with most of my photo drives, I only had a rough idea of where I wanted to go. I knew that I wanted to check out the Gray Court-Owings Historical Society’s new display area, and I wanted to visit some sites for genealogy purposes, but apart from that anything was open. Originally, I had planned to load my mountain bike in my truck and check out the Enoree Passage of the Palmetto Trail. However, with the weather not cooperating, I abandoned that idea. Continue reading “Exploring Laurens County”

One More GPS Tracker – Qstarz BT-Q1000

After the miserable failure of the i-gotU GPS tracker, I decided to ship it back and purchase the Qstarz BT-Q1000 instead. The preliminary tests I’ve run on the unit just bear out the old adage – you get what you pay for. The i-gotU was around $50 and the Qstarz is nearly double that.

This is the updated unit to the one we bought Chip for his birthday. He had been very pleased with its performance, and I had read several other favorable reviews. This unit has double the memory capacity, but otherwise functions pretty much the same way and has the same features.

Qstarz comparison

As can be seen in the photo above, the Qstarz (middle) is a good bit larger than the i-gotU, but still smaller than my Garmen eTrex. It’s still small enough to slip into a pocket, and it comes with a protective cover that has a belt loop. Continue reading “One More GPS Tracker – Qstarz BT-Q1000”

Easter Flight

It turned out to be a more exciting Easter weekend than we had planned. Chip had invited us for lunch after church, then John Ellenberg offered to fly us from Greenville to Newberry in his twin-engine Beechcraft Baron to visit the parents. Glynda, Chip, and I took John up on his offer. We took off … Continue reading Easter Flight

Congaree Swamp Hike

Laura and I wanted to get out and about this weekend, and we decided we would visit the Congaree National Park. We drove down Friday night so that we could get and early start the next morning. We had a nice dinner in Columbia’s Vista neighborhood, then spent the night in one of the rattiest … Continue reading Congaree Swamp Hike