I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain

It’s been a rough night. It started in the afternoon with storms sweeping across the Midwest and into the Southeast. Laura came home to find her mom in her raincoat with purse in hand, heading down to our basement. She heard “tornado warning” on the radio, and not knowing the location of counties, etc., thought it must be for our area.

Friday is usually our “date night”, and we had planned to go out that evening as well. Once we had reassured Laura’s mom that no bad storms were headed our way, we were able to go ahead with our plans. We had a very nice leisurely meal at The Lazy Goat, then headed on home just in case any storms were on their way.

When we got to our street we noticed a deputy sheriff’s car up near John Knox church. As we turned onto our street, this was the scene that greeted us…

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A Night of Mystery and Imagination

Poe Poetry

Our neighbors Kathleen and Herrick invited us over for dinner Saturday evening. However, this was just any dinner, but a celebration of the life and work of Edgar Allen Poe. We were given literary assignments, and awaited the appointed time.

Laura and I walked over to our neighbor’s house. We were poured glasses of champagne and met our fellow guests. Kathleen’s friend Tammy was there, and their friend Mike had been designated to portray Poe during the evening.

Edgar Allen Poe

Kathleen and Tammy


Kathleen had decorated with marvelous and appropriately macabre items. There were quite a few ravens and black netting. The decorations were outstanding.

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Snow Days

Winter Wonderland panorama

All the weather forecasters were predicting it – a whole bunch of snow late Sunday night into Monday with significant accumulations. It was certainly cold enough. Laura and I did our regular trek to the grocery store on Sunday, and, of course, certain sections were seriously depleted in anticipation of the storm.

It stayed sunny for most of Sunday. I was a bit surprised when our district called off school so early, but I guess they were taking the forecasts seriously. They turned out to be correct. Monday morning we awoke to a blanket of snow covering everything. Continue reading “Snow Days”

Rescuing Rose

We had quite the neighborhood adventure Sunday afternoon. Our lake levels have been lowered so that we can do some annual maintenance, and Laura had spotted a new, very elaborate beaverdam just upstream from us. I had walked down to take a couple of photos when I spotted some blonde fur in the mud in … Continue reading Rescuing Rose

Winter Weekend

I was supposed to go kayaking on Ebenezer Creek with the Lowcountry Unfiltered group this weekend. I even had my boat on top of my car Thursday evening. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. Friday evening it started to snow in earnest, right about the time I was heading home. The weird thing is that … Continue reading Winter Weekend

Cul-de-sac Party

Now that the new cul-de-sac has been finished on our street, our neighbors decided to throw a party down there. About twenty adults and around ten children showed up to eat fried chicken and potluck side dishes. It was great seeing our neighbors. This neighborhood has been good to have regular get-togethers. Of course, there … Continue reading Cul-de-sac Party